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There is over 2,000 crashes in wintery conditions. Consumer Reports’ expert offers essential tips to help get you where you’re going safely.

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18 Responses

  1. Ryan S
    | Reply

    You should drive when the roads are bad to get practice on how to drive in bad weather conditions safely. You can’t always just say I won’t drive today some people literally have to

  2. uindy4
    | Reply

    What coin to use in Europe? Which euro coin?

  3. uindy4
    | Reply

    Seriously we work everyday in Walgreens even in major snowstorms

  4. yass123
    | Reply

    Too late for this video, it's almost spring.

  5. Apache-Yaqui Brown
    | Reply

    You rock Jenn, simple and concise, no excess chatter. Thanks for always being sensible and effective in your communication. 🖐

  6. Chris
    | Reply

    it should be illegal to drive with a roof covered in snow in some areas. its just careless and unnecessary danger to everyone around you.

  7. Bad Drivers of Maryland
    | Reply

    Love you Jen! Thanks for the helpful reminders.

  8. Arneldo Bumatay
    | Reply

    Good advice! However, this is would be more appropriate if presented late Fall, or early Winter.

  9. Michael S
    | Reply

    Driving our 2019 Honda Odyssey in the snowy salt covered windshield and it ran out of windshield fluid without any low washer fluid light, turns out Hondas doesn't have this feature in the US models, CR please look into this you the ones that can make them change

  10. NIX
    | Reply

    Your a whole season late for this video 🤦‍♂️

  11. jimmelay71
    | Reply

    So, no tips on actual driving. More like preparation for driving.

  12. Bruce John Shourt
    | Reply

    In some states it’s illegal to drive with accumulated snow or ice on your roof.

  13. Samrat Manandhar
    | Reply

    Why wasn't this posted before winter?

  14. 001 001
    | Reply

    This video is about 3 months to late…

  15. Hippie Bits
    | Reply

    Gotta love it when "winter driving tips" are released in mid-February…insurance companies are guilty of this as well.

  16. Joe E.
    | Reply

    You forgot to mention about clearing your headlights and taillights from snow and ice specially before driving at night or near sundown.

  17. RG Clark
    | Reply

    Bit late…?

  18. rodney g
    | Reply

    Always have shavel, blanket , torch , just incase you get stuck

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