Cabela’s Hunting Party with gun (Xbox 360)


The arcade-style hunting game is composed of a series of shooting galleries where you are the controller. The game tracks total body movement as players duck, jump and weave between obstacles, grabbing power-ups and avoiding the creatures of the wild along the way. While exploring a range of environments from Texas, British Columbia, Sonora Mexico and Tanzania, the highly immersive gameplay will place intrepid hunters right into the exhilarating action as they shoot, dodge and battle their way to an endless amount of fun. To take complete advantage of the unique experience on the Kinect for Xbox 360, Cabela’s has packaged the game with the Top Shot Sport. For the first time in any hunting game, players will have an opportunity to use their whole body and the Top Shot Sport like they would in real life. The Top Shot Sport includes features like pump action reload, an adjustable stock and pop-up tactical sight.


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<ul><li>Hunt: Rack up trophies and remember to grab power ups to reach the highest score possible.</li><li>Arcade:Complete a list of must have trophies to get to the next stage.</li><li>Tags: Watch your aim; taking down the wrong trophy will erase hard earned points.</li><li>Survival: How long can you survive facing endless waves of dangerous predators and obstacles?</li><li>ESRB Rating: TEEN with Violence</li></ul>


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