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  1. king cold
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    Support your local dealerships! Although this guy does have a point, when when the professionals do it you get peace of mind. Also i have seen many DIY guys do a literal bang up job on their own vehicles. All for the sake of wanting to save a few bucks

  2. Goose Sandwich
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    Just found this channel, is this a joke? Every video I’ve watched is just wrong. At least I’d never do this shit 🤣🤣

  3. Colin Agun
    | Reply

    Certified my assssss, all mechanic want your money

  4. Tomasnok Echtes Ledger
    | Reply

    So changing the oil will make one as a DIY mechanic? Nope, just a DIY oil changer …

  5. Colin Smith
    | Reply

    Dealerships just cost so much for my oil. Maybe if the manual didn’t call for full synthetic it would make more sense but they are charging 3x what I pay for oil and filter.

  6. Урфин Джус
    | Reply

    У нас люди масло меняют сами и ниче, тачки бегают по 20 лет. А после дилера тачка ходит максимум 90 тысяч км. Так, что не надо тут ля-ля.

  7. reload38
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    Ngl Walmart oil change 50 bucks in and out in 30 mins. If you don’t trust em, then don’t do it that easy.

    (I’m not saying they are doing the most amazingly amazing job but hell I got a civic and it works)

  8. Vince Dibona
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    As soon as you recommended to have someone else change your oil, I stopped the video and gave it a thumbs-down. Not even sorry. Here's a tip – you can inspect your vehicle yourself and not get ripped off buying unnecessary parts. Might sound weird, but it's true. Look at the right things, wiggle some bits, there ya go, you inspected your car. #themoreyouknow

  9. Ivan Vega
    | Reply

    Don’t take your car to the dealership for an oil change, do it yourself. Be a man.

  10. Johnny Alvarado
    | Reply

    I think this is sarcasm 🤔

  11. Livi
    | Reply

    Did you just torque down that drain bolt?

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