TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Guitar Pedal

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The Spark Mini Booster offers up to 20 dB of boost and was designed to add life and excitement to any rig, driving your sound to peak-performance. Its discrete analog circuit ensures premium tone, while True Bypass guarantees no signal degradation when the pedal is off. Its tiny form factor makes it perfect for any pedal board regardless of size. Spark Mini Booster also features PrimeTime – a unique new technology that lets you seamlessly toggle between latching (classic stomp box on/off) and momentary (effect is on while the switch is pressed down) modes, depending on how long you hold down the footswitch. This makes Spark Mini Booster perfect as an all-ways-on pedal as well as boosting short passages.

Product Features

  • Discrete analog circuit with up to 20 dB of clean boost
  • PrimeTime – seamless switching between latch and momentary modes
  • Small footprint – will fit any pedalboard

2 Responses

  1. Uncle Nibby
    | Reply

    simple, clean-boost good price, shipped quickly and packaged well.This has tons of clean-boost.I use it in my effects loop to boost my leads. I barely crank the level and it boosts my level without coloring or distorting the sound when used in the loop. I like the lack of EQ – the simpler the better.I don’t use it this way, but you can put it in front of a gain channel/stomp box to add sustain to your solos. You don’t get a huge volume boost this way…but still another good use.Has a…

  2. Johnny Guitar
    | Reply

    Nice to have a clean boost in a small package, relatively cheap. It’s a clean boost, in a small package, with a set amount of EQ to boost mids & highs. At $50 new, it’s cheaper than a lot of other boost pedals. It also offers either momentary or latched switching – stomp it and release and it turns on the clean – OR step on it and hold it down and it becomes a momentary boost and when you let off it returns to the off position. That’s kind of cool once you get used to it. About the only thing I don’t like about it is that TC electronics puts the 9V power…

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