Perfect Pod K2V-Cup K-Cup Adapter For Keurig VUE


Expand your choices and save money too. With the Perfect Pod K2V-cup adapter you can use any standard K-Cup in your VUE brewer. Just insert a K-Cup into the K2V-Cup adapter and press firmly until the bottom of the K-Cup is pierced and the foil surface is flush with the top of the K2V-Cup adapter. Then put the entire adapter into your VUE machine and brew. It could not be easier. Also included in this special bonus pack is an Eco-Fill refillable single serve capsule that allows the use of your favorite ground coffee. Made from high quality BPA free plastic. All metal parts are high grade stainless steel.


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<br><b>Perfect Pod K2V-Cup K-Cup Adapter For Keurig VUE:</b><ul><li>Includes 1 K2V-cup adapter and 1 eco-fill refillable capsule</li><li>Allows the use of a standard K-cup in a Keurig Vue brewer</li><li>With the eco-fill capsule you can also use your favorite ground coffee</li><li>Saves up to 90 percent over the cost of single serve vue cup</li><li>The K-cup adapter for Keurig VUE is easy to use, rinse to clean, dishwasher safe</li><li>Compatible with Keurig vue v500, v600, v700, v1200 and v1225 brewers</li><li>Extra thick BPA-free plastic</li><li>High quality stainless steel metal components</li><li>100 percent satisfaction guarantee</li><li>The Perfect Pod K2V-cup adapter has a limited lifetime warranty</li><li>The refillable K-cup has a proprietary patented design</li></ul>


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