PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures (Wii U)


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures follows the exciting storyline and charming characters from the highly anticipated Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures animated series created and produced by Avi Arad, acclaimed director and founder of Marvel Studios. The animated TV series, based on Namco Bandai Games’ classic PAC-Man property, will begin airing on Disney XD this summer. The game revolves around the vibrant universe of Pac-World, where Pacworlders lived in peace until the mischievous Netherworld ghosts, led by their wicked leader Betrayus, escaped from their ghoulish domain to forcibly take control of Pac-World. Pac-World’s only hope lies in the last surviving yellow Pacworlder, our hero with a voracious appetite.


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<ul><li>Authentic Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures universe.</li><li>Animated Series Based Story Line – The epic battle follows an original story line inspired from the highly anticipated animated series launching this summer.</li><li>Characters and Environments – A huge all-new cast of characters, good and evil, all developed from the animated series. As well as brand new settings shown in the series as well.</li><li>Epic action adventure.</li><li>Unique Pac-Man Power-Ups – Pac will need to utilize a host of new and unique power-ups to stop the ghosts and defeat the evil bosses.</li><li>All New MP and Maze Modes – Re-imagined maze mode features that will allow you and up to 3 friends to play cooperatively or competitively.</li><li>Playable Vehicles – After collecting enough bonus pick-ups, the player unlocks arcade-style mini-games in which he gets to drive and fly vehicles like the Cherry Copter and Pineapple tank that appear in the cartoon.</li><li>ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10+ with Comic Mischief and Cartoon Violence</li></ul>


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