NBA Jam (Xbox 360)


EA Sports NBA Jam is a modern-day take on a legendary arcade hoops classic, featuring a host of addictive new modes and an exaggerated art style all its own. In Classic Campaign, players can take a trip down memory lane, individually or with a friend, as they play all 30 teams in the NBA in a worst to first ladder tournament. In Remix Tour, players will be faced with a new twist on the traditional NBA Jam experience. From boss battles against some of the NBAs greatest legends, to half-court game modes with distinct challenges, players will be taken through an NBA Jam experience while demonstrating classic arcade b-ball at its best. EA Sports stays true to the original NBA Jam with Tim Kitzrow reprising his role as the legendary announcer voicing all the classic lines from the original, unmatched player likeness and reactions that exaggerate the outrageous moves that make up the core NBA Jam experience, and hundreds of characters, secret teams, courts and secret items to unlock.


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<ul><li>Classic NBA Jam Gameplay Enjoy fast-paced two on two action. Take on a defender, pull a spin move as he goes to shove you, and then throw an alley-oop to your teammate for a backboard-smashing dunk.</li><li>Taking it Online NBA Jam brings all the trash talking off the couch and into your own virtual arcade. Play Classic 2 versus 2 NBA Jam online and measure your success on Friends and Global Leaderboards.</li><li>Remix Games Online Play Classic 2 vs. 2 with power-ups, Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Domination 2 vs. 2, Elimination and 21 against friends and rivals online. Track results on Leaderboards.</li><li>Online Progression Level up through a series of challengers and secret online Jam Challenges to unlock online exclusive rewards and hidden content in the ultimate quest for global bragging rights.</li><li>Jam Party Online Create a party by inviting up to 4 friends to play in Unranked Classic and Remix games.</li><li>Two Campaign modes Want to experience some nostalgia? Then pop into Classic campaign mode to get exactly what you remember from NBA Jam. Looking for something a little bit different? Jump into the Remix Tour and experience an all-new twist on Jam choose your own path to glory as you participate in game modes that you might not expect and face off against some of the biggest legends in the sport.</li><li>Player Likeness Witness as the past and future collide in the visuals of NBA Jam. A distinct art style that screams Jam from the moment you boot up the game is mashed with the most realistic player likeness ever seen.</li><li>Unlock this or Unlock that Complete Jam Challenges to unlock game modes to characters, to secret teams and Special Courts, NBA Jam will feature a whole lot of content for you to unlock as you progress thru the game..</li><li>Boss Battles They are some of the greatest players to have ever played the game of basketball. They are legends that will not go down easy. They are standing in your way and you need to get by them. Jump into a unique take on the Jam franchise with boss battles. The best players doing what they do best. They will frustrate you with their skills, but you have to beat the best to be the best.</li><li>All 30 NBA Teams and more — The top three players, as chosen by the fans, from every NBA team plus over 100 unlockable teams, characters, privileges, and mascots.</li><li>Tim Kitzrow The original voice that captured the attention of a nation is back voicing all the classic lines you remember from the original NBA Jam, as well as a host of new ones, including some created by fans.</li><li>Multiplayer Goodness Go at it alone or jump into the multiple multiplayer options available in NBA Jam. With 2-on-2 co-op play throughout the campaign mode, as well as 2-on-2 head-to-head competition, there are lots of ways to share the NBA Jam love.</li><li>ESRB Rating: EVERYONE</li></ul>


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