HyperTough 233-Piece 2-Drawer Tool Box Kit


Cover the basics with the HyerTough 233-Piece Tool Box Kit. This 2-drawer, anti-corrosive work case will keep your equipment organized. This hand tool kit is suitable for a variety of applications. It includes long nose pliers, diagonal pliers and linesman pliers. Combination wrenches and hex key wrenches also come with the set. You get a snap-off utility knife, a magnetic bit driver, screwdriver bits, a precision screwdriver and other screwdrivers. A plastic case, sockets, an extension bar, a universal joint, a ratchet handle and spark plug sockets complete the set. The 2-drawer tool box is a good starter kit. Durable and practical, it will help you keep your household in better condition.

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<br><b>HyerTough 233-Piece 2-Drawer Tool Box Kit:</b><ul><li>Suitable for a variety of applications</li><li>Anti-corrosive kit</li><li>2-drawer tool box will keep contents organized</li><li>Includes: long nose pliers, diagonal pliers, linesman pliers, combination wrenches, hex key wrenches, snap-off utility knife, magnetic bit driver, screwdriver bits, precision screwdriver, screwdrivers, fastener with plastic case, sockets, extension bar, universal joint, ratchet handle, spark plug sockets</li><li>Wear safety goggles</li></ul>


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