Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360)


Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition is packed with hours of new content including the Halo 4 Champions Bundle and the War Games Map Pass at a fantastic value. As a bonus, receive over 15 pieces of in-game and avatar content from the Halo 4 campaign and the all new Master Chief Avatar Cloak inspired by Halo for Xbox One.


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<ul><li>All-new Master Chief Avatar Cloak inspired by Halo for Xbox One.</li><li>Game of the Year: Halo 4 with stunning graphics and intense game play.</li><li>All-new Champions Bundle including fan-favorite maps, armor, armor mod.</li><li>War Games Map Pass: 9 maps for strategic multiplayer variety.</li><li>Over 15 in-game and avatar items plus two premium themes.</li><li>Downloadable Content Bundle Details:*</li><li>Halo 4 – Spartan Ops: Season One.</li><li>War Games Map Pass: Castle Map Pack, Majestic Map Pack, Crimson Map Pack.</li><li>In-Game Content: Over 15 items from the Halo 4 campaign including in-game and avatar marketplace content and 2 Xbox Live themes. Plus, the Master Chief Avatar Cloak inspired by Halo for Xbox One. For non-Xbox One markets, you may want to message, "The Master Chief Avatar Cloak introduced at E3 2013".</li><li>Halo 4 Champions Bundle: Infinity Armor Pack – 3 new legendary armors: Mark V, ODST, Prefect. Steel Skin Pack – 10 Steampunk-inspired weapon skins for all loadout weapons. Bullseye Pack -</li><li>2 new maps, 1 new armor. Champions Bundle – All of the above PLUS 8 stances, 5 armor skins, 5 weapons skins, 1 armor mod.</li><li>*Download cards inside. Download content with Xbox Live. Online multiplayer and Spartan Ops requires Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately). Minimum 8GB flash drive or Xbox 360 Hard Drive required for Halo Infinity Multiplayer. For an optimal experience, play with Xbox 360 Hard Drive. (For Xbox 360 4 GB, Arcade and Core consoles, Xbox 360 Hard Drive sold separately.)</li><li>ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Violence</li></ul>


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