Breadman Chrome Ultimate Breadmaker, TR2500BC


<p>You love to start your breakfast with toasts? Enjoy fresh and crisply baked breads from the Breadman Chrome TR2500BC Ultimate Breadmaker. Bake loafs up to 2 lbs, cakes, pizzas, bagels, pasta, dough and more with the Breadman Bread Machine. Features include a patented fruit, nut and herb dispenser, a removable lid with a see-through window, and over 300 program combination to bake pretty much anything else under the sun. Bake your foods even in the power failure as it has power failure backup. With the 24-hour delay bake, your bread is ready to eat up to 24-hours later. Also the 2 LB bread machine offers variable temperature to make your bread with full doneness. Featuring oven like light, it lets you to see the status of the bread. The stainless steel breadmaker with sturdy base digitally displays the temperature inside the baking container. Compactly designed silver and black finished breadmaker is easy to carry, maintain also adds style to any kitchen type.</p>

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<strong>Breadman Chrome TR2500BC Ultimate Stainless Steel Breadmaker:</strong><ul class="noindent"><li>Over 300 program combinations</li><li>Variable breadmaker settings let it bake 1-lb, 1-1/2-lb, or 2-lb loaves</li><li>Breadman Ultimate Breadmaker features a patented fruit, nut and herb "add-in" dispenser</li><li>Versatile and compact breadmaker makes pizza, bagel and pasta doughs</li><li>Breadman Ultimate Breadmaker also features cakes, "Batter Breads" and jam programs</li><li>Removable lid with see-through window</li><li>Instant recall 60-minute power failure backup</li><li>Oven light</li><li>24-hour delay bake</li><li>"Bake-Only" with variable temperature</li><li>Not available at Wal-Mart stores</li><li style="list-style: none"><br><br>See all <a href="">kitchen appliances</a> on Save money. Live better.</li></ul>


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