Blue Sky Hammocks Mosquito Net Hammock with Bonus Tree Strap, Green


Add a little more fun and comfort on your next camping trip. The Blue Sky Hammocks Mosquito Net Hammock is just the ticket for making the most of your time outdoors. This comfortable hammock is constructed of the same high-quality nylon as the Blue Sky Hammocks couple’s double hammock and single ultralight hammock. It is also equipped with an insect net that will prevent even the smallest pests from disturbing your rest. The insect netting contains 2,100 holes per square inch, so whether there are mosquitoes, no see ums, ticks, gnats, sand flies, midges or fleas, you can rest easy knowing that the Blue Sky Hammock Mosquito Net will protect you. Featuring a convenient travel bag, it is easy to set up wherever you want. This green mosquito net with bonus tree strap is not only ideal for use on camping trips, but also for just setting up in the backyard at home.


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<br><b>Blue Sky Hammocks Mosquito Net Hammock with Bonus Tree Strap, Green:</b><ul><li>Insect net contains 2,100 holes per sq in</li><li>Easiest and most comfortable hammock on the market</li><li>Soft, breathable, quick-drying nylon material</li><li>Easy to set up</li><li>Comes with a convenient travel bag</li><li>Machine washable</li><li>115" x 54"</li></ul>


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