<p>Once again, we remain true to the legacy started by our great grandfather, Joseph Lodge, as the sole American manufacturer of cast iron cookware. Cooking with the 10-1/2" Lodge Logic Cast Iron Griddle provides virtually endless possibilities and is essential for big breakfasts, quesadillas, roasted vegetables or grilled sandwiches. Break it in with some tasty pancakes, the low sides of the griddle makes flipping pancakes simple. Also works great as cookie sheet and do not hesitate trying it as a serving platter. The 10-1/2" Lodge Logic Cast Iron Griddle is made brutally tough for generations of cooking. It is Foundry-seasoned for a natural, easy-release surface that improves with each use. Use the Non-Stick Cast Iron Griddle on the stovetop, grill or in the oven. No other cookware has the same heat retention as cast iron. Now let’s eat!</p>

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<strong>Lodge 10-1/2" Cast Iron Griddle</strong> <ul><li>Cooking Cast Iron Griddle Measures: 10-1/2" Diameter; 1/2" Deep</li><li>The 10-1/2" Lodge Logic Cast Iron Griddle is foundry-seasoned and ready to use</li><li>The Non-Stick Cast Iron Griddle has sturdy integral ovenproof handles</li><li>Optional Pan scraper available ~ <strong>not included</strong> (Model# SCRAPERPK)</li><li>Optional Silicone Hot Handle Holder available in various colors and protects hands from heat up to 450F ~ <strong>not included</strong> (Model# ASHH11 is black)</li><li>Optional Rectangle Grill Press available ~ <strong>not included</strong> (Model# LGP3)</li><li>Optional Round Grill Press available ~ <strong>not included</strong> (Model# LGPR3)</li><li>Optional Ribbed Panini Press ~ <strong>not included</strong> (Model# LPP3)</li><li>Optional Flat Iron Grill Press ~ <strong>not included</strong> (Model# LFIP3)</li><li>Safe for cooking on all surfaces: electric, gas and induction stovetops, oven, fire and grill</li><li>Cast iron is the original non-stick surface</li><li>Cast iron is best for even heating and heat retention</li><li>Cast iron is an excellent source of nutritional iron</li><li>Cast iron is economical and durable</li><li>Makes a great gift</li><li>Cooking Cast Iron Griddle Model# L90G3<strong>To Clean and Maintain Seasoning:</strong></li><li>Hand wash (add a little soap if you prefer)</li><li>Dry</li><li>Rub with cooking oil</li></ul>


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