Preventative Maintenance Is The Key To Success

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Preventative maintenance is the key for success

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21 Responses

  1. Super Fly
    | Reply

    But wait, wouldn't you be doing more than 2 more oil changes per year if your increasing the oil change frequency to 15,000 miles instead of 40 or 50k miles oil change? I would think that thats more than 2 more oil changes per year. Correct me if im wrong

  2. Hotrod Hog
    | Reply

    Tim, I'm confused. Did you buy a truck and put a driver in it? Whose tires are those? Can't you put them on a wagon? Back when I drove, oil changes every 10,000 miles and they were $100, $120 if you changed fuel filters too!

  3. Tony Odom
    | Reply

    Drive tire is a balance issue

  4. Adventures of Will and Shelby
    | Reply

    Call me paranoid, or over protective….
    But I pm my cat every 10k miles.
    Don’t want to experience what I did with the original ISX ever again!

  5. azcactusflower1
    | Reply

    Hey Tim! πŸ™‚ Video idea…Let's talk best/better/good/worst tire brands πŸ‘ +cost range

  6. Daniel Hofer
    | Reply

    See that you a running a Chevy pickup now, must have got rid of the Dodge, Congratulations on that move UP in Class in your ride.

  7. George W. Daws
    | Reply

    Great video and information

  8. Adam Salinas
    | Reply

    Whose tires did they belong too being that you no longer own a tractor?

  9. MakeCents
    | Reply

    Good stuff man πŸ™‚

  10. Danny Gregg
    | Reply

    Great video Tim. Keep em coming.
    I caught a glimpse of one of those square body's. Can't wait to see some videos on them.

  11. Joey Benton
    | Reply

    Rotate tires every 50000 miles if you are rotating you are looking at tires more closely. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  12. kill bill
    | Reply

    You get another truck? Let’s get some videos on that old square body in the shed there driver

  13. Adrian Hennon
    | Reply

    Love this type video great advice on keeping your business prosperous hope you keep this content coming

  14. Allan McCullough
    | Reply

    I've gone 50k and 80k on oil changes with bypass filter and still going strong after 1 million miles. If the oil sample says the oil is ok, don't change it. $50 shocks are a waste of $, Road Kings at all positions.

  15. M Craige
    | Reply

    Well Tim, you were handing out "Words of Wisdom" today!πŸ’― Maybe it will sink in for some folks.πŸ‘
    Glad to see you. πŸ‘€Thanx for an informative video πŸ“Ή as usual. Learning lessons on tap!πŸ“šπŸŽ“ Peace!✌️

  16. Keith Melton
    | Reply

    To add on, it takes 2 minutes tops to check all checkable wheel hub oil levels, to not check all 4 times a week, is just stupid. I would rather have 2 marker lights out, and run that truck, than have one questionable hub!

  17. Fred Cantrell
    | Reply

    God bless you Tim someone with some brains it’s amazing how many people and companies out there that just flushing money down the drain for no reason one that could be prevented on a daily

  18. Manny C
    | Reply

    Since we are talking about tires maybe someone can help me out. I’m driving a semi with a dummy axel. I’m just getting in the trucking industry. I just put 8 new drive tires but the axel that does all the work is wearing them out kinda fast. Evenly, but way to fast I think. Is this normal? Also at what mileage should I rotate them? I just started hauling aggregate coming from a company hauling light loads. Don’t know if the weight could be a factor. Thanks guys.

  19. Mike Godette
    | Reply

    Do not put them on a trailer!!.yes the trailer may have air suspension but.
    1 D.O.T. still looks at trailer's.
    2 they will wear out the suspension bushings.

  20. Asphalt Cowboys Trucking
    | Reply

    Look like decent trailer tires

  21. NEW CHANNEL @Caliking916
    | Reply

    Sure do miss your videos Tim always#Cali king

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