NHL stars share their best food cooking tips

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Can they cook? Do they cook? NHLers dish on their cooking skills and share their best cooking tips just in time for the summer!

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25 Responses

  1. N Nelson
    | Reply

    It took me too long to get that Fluery/flower/flour pun. Fantastic

  2. esoussou
    | Reply

    I think the video is actually called Do you cook?

  3. FinLehto -
    | Reply

    Jamie Benn: – Ketchup chips

  4. Matthew Jack
    | Reply

    One interesting fact about all of these players who cook is that not many of them have won a Stanley Cup

  5. Boston Nate
    | Reply

    God I can’t get over how much eichel looks like the bad guy from home alone

  6. HockeyGUY66871
    | Reply

    Mine is use the microwave as much as possible

  7. C.
    | Reply

    Tarasenko seems chill

  8. Just NHL 21
    | Reply

    1:31 had to listen to that twice

  9. Kelly St-Hilaire
    | Reply

    My cooking advice: Use a recipe book.

  10. Makbluesfan09
    | Reply

    Read directions

  11. Simard Alexandre
    | Reply

    I put ketchup chips on the BBQ – Jamie Benn

  12. Mariam 0
    | Reply

    Flower we get it, you’re French.

  13. Stephanie Blouin
    | Reply

    moi je fait de la cuisine

  14. KrakKed Menace
    | Reply

    2:13 every one cook egg but perfect is the question

  15. PatrickStar88
    | Reply

    Kreider is funny 😂

  16. Maks Dojack
    | Reply

    The picture of Fleury on the flour bag is true comedy.

  17. AwesxmeDogV2
    | Reply

    Kucherov would win

  18. Nightsgrow
    | Reply

    I genuinely find it kind of sad that so many of these guys can’t cook 🙁

  19. Gracelyn Clark
    | Reply

    3:43 certainly the best tip

  20. Connor Seams
    | Reply

    Giroux: "My wife does most of the cucking"

  21. Isabella Whitson
    | Reply

    Oshie and Mcavoy looks alike

  22. Nikolaj Ehlers
    | Reply

    This video was basically “best dish you can cook pt 2”

  23. wamber mcshwamber
    | Reply

    the water’s boiling when it’s bubbling. i have to remember that.

  24. Hockey all star Soldier
    | Reply

    All this told me is jones vs Eichel need a Salmon battle

  25. R.D Nutz
    | Reply

    These puck personalities thingamajiggies.
    Just remember, these Nhlers, spend their whole lives on the ice,in the rink in the arena ,they live n breath hockey, they sacrifice friends, socializing…. so they dont have much tips or anything off the ice to offer…iight ?!?…. 😁🤙🏾

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