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Latte Coffee with Item-Site

Shopping Site of ItemsWe love coffee and we are a fan of Latte art, and with the help of the Cappuccino Foam Text Tool we created the Item-Site Latte Art you see in the footer of every page. Are you a java junky like us? Check it out and get going brewing up your own message!

Shops @ HART Market

Please note that our sister site is the Shops @ HART Market, also part of the HART-Empire Netork, a division of HBS Management Consultants .. owned by Hartley B. Singer (aka HART) blah blah blah de blah 😀 The “Shop @ HART Market” image on it’s front page is called ‘A Virtual Shopping Center In Acrylic paint’ and was actually painted by HART, your host and owner of this virtual shopping store and hobbyist painter! A painting will be made for this site in the summer of 2016.

Random Image seen on this site

xe7acThis image may appear randomly around our site next to products in our shopping blog posts, when the intended original image did not import properly in the datafeed or too small to view and thus inserted in its place. This was created from this website by us, via Imgflip GIF Generator. If you click through to the related post you will see the intended image associated with the product and shopping blog post.